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It’s Time for an Honest Conversation About Pain Management

Psoriatic arthritis can be a debilitating condition. It can lead to painful complications such as neuropathy. Its treatments can lead to complications such as shingles, which can leave a patient with continuing pain. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is for most patients a painful condition that leads to spontaneous dislocations, early arthritis, and frequent migraines. My husband and I have decades of experience between us in living with these conditions.

My husband and I are also physicians with 57 years experience working with patients between us. We have a world of inside information from both sides of the aisle on the chronic pain issue. Too many opioid scripts are written for conditions that don’t really warrant it, but not enough are written for conditions that do. The result is some drugs don’t end up in the right hands, people are harmed, and people who are in pain are harmed by not being able to access care.