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Why I’m Grateful My Invisible Illnesses Have Made Me a Fighter

As many of you know, October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month. Because of my Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, I also struggle with dysautonomia. The two conditions are correlated, and though there are several theories about why that is, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that my heart likes to go to the races, with little to no warning for me. If the chest pain is too bad I have to go to the hospital, in case it’s not my dysautonomia but instead pain in my aorta due to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. It is incredibly hard to live with two conditions that people can’t see unless I’m in a brace or a cast or have fainted on the ground. I would give anything for a day without being sick, but that is not the hand I was dealt to play. I believe in making the best out of things though, so there are several things I am thankful to these conditions for giving me.

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