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My ‘good days’ do not invalidate my ‘bad days’ with Ehlers-Danlos

By looking at this picture, you would never know anything was wrong. In this picture, I see two strong, healthy, beautiful teenagers enjoying themselves. I see two friends enjoying their final moments of high school together.

But what about the part beneath the surface? Because what I don’t see in this picture is the bedridden freshman I was. I don’t see the reality of who I am or what I struggle with. You can’t see that I dislocated my hip while dancing at prom. You can’t see the nights I’ve had to say no to my friends because my body cannot handle hiking. You can’t see the countless hospital visits and doctor appointments and the medicines I have to take every single morning and evening. You can’t see the enormous amount of pain I deal with every day. You can’t see the vomiting and shaking while lying on the cold floor of a bathroom. But these things you can’t see are my daily reality.