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How EDS has Turned Me into a Super Hero!

Like most superheroes, I found my powers by accident. On what was meant to be an epic sibling vacation in Las Vegas, I found myself unable to walk for more than 10 minutes. I had never experienced such agony. Before the day was done, my superpower revealed itself: the power of invisibility.

I could hide my pain, my fatigue, my confusion and no one could see it. On the outside, I look like an ordinary young woman. But on the inside, my bones shift and tendons stretch, causing painful dislocations and subluxing of various joints. With my superpowers, the power of invisibility, I can continue to look like an ordinary woman.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. I can only use this power for the good of others, to save them from feeling pity, or to save them from their own despair. Invisibility is not to be used for my own gain. I must adhere to the superhero code, do not deceive others so that I may gain favor or sympathy. I must not take advantage of those who come to my aid. And of course, I must help others as well as I am able.

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