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The aftermath of the Holidays with EDS and POTS

For many people the holidays are full of fun and excitement and leave many in happiness and joy from the recent time spent with family. My holiday experience was just the same only with a few complications. The day before Christmas Eve was full of shopping for baking supplies and even picking up a couple last-minute Christmas presents. I only suffered the occasional dizzy spell and hip dislocation, and I continued to push forward.

Christmas Eve I woke up feeling a bit more weak than the day before with even more to do. On the roster for the day was baking pies, cookies, fudge, pretzel mix, Rice Krispie Treats, and marshmallow wreaths. We also had the whole family over for lunch and then church that evening. I went through it all pretty well and tried not to focus on the throbbing in my head and bones and the dull aching in my chest. I somehow survived baking until 5 a.m. on Christmas.