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An Accident Waiting to Happen: A Life with Ehlers Danlos syndrome

The doctors said I had unconfirmed haemophilia. People said I was clumsy, a clown, an accident waiting to happen. They were wrong. I have endured a multiplicity of injuries including: 200 stitches; a broken femur; broken bones in my feet; 3 sprained ankles; several dislocated kneecaps; ruptured knee ligaments; a broken scaphoid; traumatic bruising to my shin and a dislocated shoulder. These are the presents that EHLERS DANLOS SYNDROME bestowed upon me. At fifty eight years of age I had had enough. I lay on the floor in my garage with the fallen ladder as my companion, listening to the siren of an approaching ambulance. I thought to myself “I have to find a way to make all this stop. If I survive.”