Release Notes

Release notes of oneEDSVoice 1.0.37
  • Added 7-day and 14-day Email Reminder for users who have not confirmed their email addresses
  • Added email notification for when a user receives a new private message
  • Updated rLS address in All Legal Documents
  • Implemented Client Dashboard for FAPvoice using PowerBI
  • Updated WordPress and plugins to the newest version
  • Fixed issue with line breaks being converted to ‘rn’ in Private Messaging
  • Fixed issue when poll allows users to submit “other” option, the input-field is overlapping the label
  • Removed user id update in GA for non-logged in users
  • Fixed issue of page getting refreshed to the first page when a message is deleted from another page
  • Fixed display issues for new .37 email notifications in iPhone Mail

Version Number:

Release Date: Jun 29 2017