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What I Wish People Understood About Losing My Career Due to a Disability

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source: The Mighty

year: 2017

authors: Cindy Belz


In 2003, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome took my career. Until then, I had an amazing job. I made a great income and I was so happy with what I did and what I planned to do. I did not know then what I know now, however.

When I had to walk into my boss’ office and finally tell him I could no longer work, I had been there almost 10 years. That was the hardest conversation I ever had to have. I fought with everything I had to be able to keep my job; I even dropped to half days in the office, then working from home, however it still wasn’t enough. In 2010 my company’s group insurance policy refused to cover me and basically said that if I was on their insurance next year then everyone in the company’s rates would go up, so at that point I could no longer be employed for medical reasons.

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