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Top 10 Items (Under $30) for an EDSer’s Wish List

1. Super Cute Compression Socks

    Many of us need compression socks to aid in blood circulation – what’s even better is when they look great, too! For less than $16 a pair, these are the perfect gift for the EDSer in your life.

2. Personal TENS Unit for less than $30

    Many people have been to physical therapy and enjoyed the glorious relief from electric muscle stimulation, aka the stim machine. Did you know you can get a very similar relief at home with a TENS unit?
    What’s the difference? STIM works on your muscles while TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, provides pain relief from the nerves. They send out different waveforms, however, they can both provide relief! (Note: Please check with your doctor prior to using a TENS unit to ensure it is safe for you.)


3. & 4. Peppermint Essential Oils and Diffuser

    It is no secret that essential oils hold great homeopathic benefits. My personal favorite is peppermint because it can help to reduce nausea and “promote a feeling of energy.” You can use essential oils in a variety of ways, but I love to add my oils to a diffuser that acts as a humidifier with aromatherapy.
    Not sure where to buy your essential oils? doTerra is a trusted brand that ensures their oils pass the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol.


5. Backpack Health Subscription

    Backpack Health is a portable tool to carry all of your medical information with you at all times. Medications, diagnosis, symptoms, procedures, and emergency information – this app and website has it all. I have personally used the Backpack Health share cards to send medical information to doctors and have even used it when I had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital.


6. Adjustable Neck Pillow

    I always, always, always carry a neck pillow wherever I go and it is no secret that a neck pillow can make the perfect (and practical) gift. This pillow, in particular, actually adjusts to provide neck support in all directions.


7. Gooseneck Holder for Phones and Tablets

    Many EDSers spend a lot of time in bed and it can be a hassle to hold your device while trying to read on your tablet or video on your phone.


8. Care+Wear PICC Line and Port Covers

    Anyone who has ever had a PICC line or Port knows that it is a bear to keep covered, clean, and still have easy access to your site. I have personally tried the PICC cover and it puts socks and other DIY covers to shame. Each cover and shirt is antimicrobial and comes in a variety of sizes for adults and kids!


9. Biofreeze

    Muscle pain for EDSers is no joke. “Biofreeze is a topical analgesic containing menthol, which is both cooling and pain-relieving for sore muscles and joints.” You can find Biofreeze at almost any pharmacy store and places like Target and Walmart!

10. Ultra-Plush Zebra Throw Blanket

    As someone with EDS, I love anything that has a zebra on it. This massive zebra blanket is perfect for snuggling when it gets cold this winter!

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