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The Power of Believing Yourself When You Have an Illness

key information

source: The Mighty

year: 2017

authors: Chelsea Corbett


I didn’t always feel believed by my teachers, by some doctors and nurses or even by myself at some points. I was ill, extremely ill, the weeks I spent in the hospital. I had disturbed levels in my blood and a mish-mash of long words that flew over my head as a 7-year-old. Yet we couldn’t put a finger on the cause, the reason why different systems in my body started malfunctioning. I felt disbelieved. My struggle was plain to see, but no label or comprehensive diagnosis could be “magicked” up, so it felt like there was often an unspoken question mark — a sense of disbelief at the speed and spread of so many different problems. From my digestive and hematological problems as a baby to severe bladder and kidney issues in my first years of school to respiratory difficulties, allergic reactions, feeling generally weak and tired all the time… Something was running riot through my body and refused to leave a calling card.

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