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Do People with Joint Hypermobility Really have Reduced Joint Proprioception? A Systematic Review

key information

source: PROSPERO

year: 2013

authors: Toby Smith, Vicky Easton, Holly Bacon, Emma Jerman, Kate Armon, Fiona Poland, Alex MacGregor


Types of study to be included:
There will be no restriction on study design initially. It is anticipated that case-control studies will be most frequently presented.

Condition or domain being studied:
Symptomatic benign joint hypermobility syndrome. Joint hypermobility will be regarded as a score of >=4 using the Beighton scoring system. Symptomatic will be regarded as the current report of pain, instability or any symptoms limiting the functional or perceived capabilities of an individual necessitating a healthcare consultation.

organization: University of East Anglia; Norwich Community Health and Care NHS Trust; Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

DOI: 10.15124/CRD42012002370

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