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Morbidity and Mortality after GI-surgery in Ehlers-Danlos Patients: A Systematic Review

key information

source: PROSPERO

year: 2015

authors: Marie-Louise Kulas Søborg, Julie Leganger, Jakob Burcharth, Jacob Rosenberg


Review question(s):
Our aim is to systematically review causes of GI-related surgery,with variation within subtypes.
We wish to estimate mortality and morbidity/secondary complications to GI-specific surgery, and estimate the mortality and morbidity/secondary complications to general surgery in EDS-patients.
Furthermore we wish to review current recommendations on GI-related surgical procedures.
Studies will be identified by applying developed search-strategy to the advanced-search function in the three general databases PubMed, EMBASE and Scopus.
We consider both retrospective and prospective studies with no limitations of publication date applied. Only published literature in English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian is eligible for inclusion,
Types of study to be included:
All observational (case-control, cohort, questionnaire, register-based) studies and randomized clinical trials will be taken into consideration as well as case-series, including more than 10 patients. We will consider both retrospective and prospective studies.
Condition or domain being studied:
Ehlers-Danlos patients constitutes a limited patient-group, whom suffer from highly heterogeneous symptoms from several organ systems with increased morbidity and mortality, due to both primary manifestations of the disease and secondary complications to surgery. Surgical intervention required in EDS-patients is usually the result of vascular and gastrointestinal emergencies, and is primarily a concern in the EDS type IV patient. A high percentage of the EDS-patients, who undergo surgery, is known to either suffer from severe secondary complications either peroparative or post-operative. Our knowledge on this group of patients is currently primarily based on case-reports, and original systematic studies published within the area are very limited.

organization: Herlev Hospital Denmark

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