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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Infarction of Stomach

key information

source: Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

year: 1989

authors: Leung AK


Shaikh and Turner reported a 17-year-old girl with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome who presented with strangulation and infarction of the stomach. In searching through the literature, I have come across another case. In 1967, Zalis and Roberts’ reported a 22-year-old Negro with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome who hbid multiple visceral anomalies, including a hypoplastic kidney, a diverticulum ofthe bladder, and diapbragmatic hernia. The patient was amitted to the hospital because of epigastric pain and vomiting. On examination of the abdomen, generalized tenderness was noted in the epigastric region. An upper gastrointestinal series showed the presence of a grossly dilated stomach within the thoracic cavity. Laparotomy revealed the stomach to be completely displaced through the diaphragm; the stomach was found stranggulated in the thorax. The diaphragmatic defect was repaired after reduction of the stomach into the abdominal cavity. Postoperatively, the wound healed per primum and the patient had an uneventful recovery.

organization: University of Calgary, Alberta Children's Hospital

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