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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in a Dog

key information

source: The Canadian Veterinary Journal

year: 1990

authors: Matthews BR, Lewis GT


Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, also called cutaneous asthenia, is a rare connective tissue disease reported in humans, dogs, cats, mink, cattle, and sheep. The skin is hyperextensible and may also be very thin and fragile with greatly reduced tensile strength. The hair coat is often dry and fine. The disease complex may include joint laxity and ocular abnormalities. Histologically, the dermis is thinner than normal, with fragmentation and alterations in size and orientation of collagen bundles. There is a decrease in the number of collagen fibers. The disease is hereditary and appears to be autosomal dominant.

This case involved a male dog of mixed breeding from a litter of five; it had the general appearance of a spaniel cross with a medium brown hair coat of very fine texture. The dam was reported to be normal. The status of the father and of the four littermates is unknown. The pup was clinically normal at the time of the puppy vaccination visits. At four months of age, slight cloudiness of the corneas was noted. An episode of otitis externa and one of tonsillitis occurred during the first year of life.

organization: Central Animal Hospital Kamloops

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