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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome with Congenital Herniae and Pigeon Breast

key information

source: British Medical Journal

year: 1959

authors: Zaidi ZH


A 3-year-old French Canadian boy was admitted to Ottawa General Hospital on July 6, 1957, because of a lacerated injury over the right knee. Even minor injuries were apt to cause skin cuts, lacerations, bruises, and bumps, and he had numerous scars over his body. Since birth his skin had been very soft and elastic. He was born prematurely and had congenital umbilical and inguinal herniae. The umbilical hernia was repaired. At the age of 1 year he received multiple lacerated injuries in a car accident; the wounds gaped after the removal of only two stitches on the fifth day. His father’s skin was soft, doughy, and slightly hyperelastic; his palms and soles were soft, his fingers could be slightly overextended, and his feet were flat. He had no scars or friability of skin. No abnormalities were found in other members of the family.

organization: Ottawa General Hospital, University of Ottawa

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