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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Associated with Streptococcal Hypersensitivity

key information

source: Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine

year: 1961

authors: Williams DI


M M, female, aged 36. Housewife
History: She was well until end of January 1961 when she had acute inflammation of the right ankle for forty-eight hours followed by effusions in both knees and similar transitory acute arthritis of the left ankle. Treated with Disprin gr 60 daily for three weeks.

On admission: Temperature 1000 F; pulse regular 105; cedema of both legs; cedema of right thigh with raised erythematous area and bulla at centre; red tender nodule on left elbow; slight effusion left knee. Fever continued over the next three weeks and she lost 12 lb in weight. Extensive edematous red lesions developed over the buttocks, with blistering followed by ulceration. With change of position similar lesions appeared at sites of pressure.
Bilateral pleural effusions; in all 50 oz were aspirated from right and 55 oz from left pleural cavity. Pericardial rub heard. (Edema of both legs, slight proteinuria and hypoalbuminuria.

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