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To My Chronic Illness, From the Person Who Is Glad to Finally Know Your Name

key information

source: The Mighty

year: 2016

authors: Lauren King


Oh, hi there. I didn’t notice you for 25 plus years. Where were you hiding? My connective tissue? Well, I guess I wasn’t expecting that. I was working on the assumption that if there was a problem with my collagen that I’d melt into the ground like some sort of disappointing candle on a hot windowsill.

Maybe you could have written me a letter, dropped me an email or just thrown
up some kind of red flag so that I knew you were there. You were like a mystery, except there was no previous mention of the perpetrator. It took doctors well over a year to work out that it was none of the obvious characters like Mr. Arthritis or Mrs. Endometriosis. In fact, they were more inclined to doubt there was a mystery to solve in my body and preferred to believe I was making it all up. I knew you were plotting and wreaking havoc, but no one believed me and I didn’t know your name.

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