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Cervical Artery Dissection: An Atypical Presentation with Ehlers-Danlos-Like Collagen Pathology?

key information

source: Neurology

year: 2004

authors: Ulbricht D, Diederich NJ, Hermanns-Lê T, Metz RJ, Macian F, Piérard GE


The authors took skin biopsies of the macroscopically normal skin of seven consecutive patients with spontaneous cervical artery dissection (SCAD). Histologically, alterations of the collagen and elastic fiber networks were found in six patients. In five, the histologic, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural changes were similar to those usually found in Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS). This suggests that SCAD is frequently associated with the dermal alterations seen in EDS.

organization: Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg

DOI: 10.1212/01.wnl.0000142970.09454.30

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