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A Case of Ehlers-Danlos Disease

key information

source: British medical journal

year: 1940

authors: Murray JE, Tyars ME


Although during the last few years a number of cases showing the syndrome described by Ehlers in 1901 and Danlos in 1908 have been recorded, a further case which has come to our notice seems of sufficient interest to merit publication.

The classical features of this disease are: (1) abnormal elasticity of the skin; (2) friability of the skin and blood vessels, resulting in large subcutaneous haematomata and gaping wounds from trivial injuries; (3) hyperextensibility of the joints; (4) papyraceous scars, sometimes associated with pseudo-tumours; (5) tiny movable subcutaneous nodules, probably of a lipomatous nature; (6) a familial incidence of one or more of the above features.

organization: Horton Emergency Hospital

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