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patient education

The 5 Coping Skills Every Chronic Pain Patient Needs

key information

source: Practical Pain Management

year: 2014

authors: Ted Jones


When I first began work in the field of pain psychology, I wanted to be as helpful as I could be to my patients and to be seen as fully prepared and competent by my referral sources. However, as I began to read books and attend conferences “to get up to speed,” I was overwhelmed by the variety of services and offerings that experienced practitioners offered. Along with ever-present traditional cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, I also learned about a variety of other interventions: progressive muscle relaxation; guided imagery; hypnosis; technology-assisted treatments such as virtual reality; activity pacing; sleep hygiene; patient education; psychodynamic psychotherapy; interpersonal therapy; assertiveness training; family therapy; desensitization. … The list went on and on.

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