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20 signs you may have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome- as told by patients, themselves

key information

source: The Mighty

year: 2018

authors: Erin Migdol


Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is, unfortunately, a condition you may not know much about unless you (or a close friend) have it. The general public and many doctors may not know that certain (often invisible) symptoms are caused by EDS, not “growing pains” or “clumsiness”  meaning if you are experiencing symptoms, you might live with them for years without realizing you have EDS. There are 13 subtypes of EDS that each have their own set of criteria, but broadly, EDS is a connective tissue disorder with symptoms including joint hypermobility, fragile skin, chronic musculoskeletal pain, organ rupture, gum disease, slow wound healing and many more.

Once you have been diagnosed with EDS, you can educate yourself and work with doctors to treat and manage your symptoms but the first step is realizing you have EDS in the first place. So we asked our Mighty community to share some signs they experienced that indicate they have EDS.

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