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Assessment of Small Fiber Neuropathy in Rare Diseases Using Sudoscan

key information

study id #: NCT02985710

condition: Small Fiber Neuropathy, Fabry Disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Mitochondrial Disease

status: recruiting


Sudoscan™ (Impeto Medical, Paris France) uses electrochemical skin conductance as a novel noninvasive method to detect sudomotor dysfunction. Several small studies have recently shown that Sudoscan use in the assessment of small fiber polyneuropathy (in diabetes mellitus) can be performed non-invasively, quickly and effectively. The investigators aim to study the use of Sudoscan in rare disease condition associated with small fiber polyneuropathy.

intervention: Device: Sudoscan
The Sudoscan is a non invasive procedure and similar to standing on a scale to be weighed. Sudoscan measurements are made in compliance with the manufacturer's recommended procedures. The measurement is rapid and non-invasive, and requires no advance preparation.
Procedure: Skin biopsy
For subjects that give additional consent, skin biopsy will be done in standard fashion under sterile conditions. Assessment of nerve fiber density typically involves a 3-mm punch biopsy of skin from the leg (10 cm above the external malleolus).
Procedure: QSART
QSRT (quantitative sudomotor axon reflex test) testing involves having a technician wipe the subject's arms and leg with alcohol, then tissue to wipe it dry. Electrodes filled with acetylcholine are put on three areas of the leg and one on the wrist, stimulators are turned on and sweat responses are measured. Other Name: Quantitative Sudomotor Autonomic Reflex Testing