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healthcare providers

Trish Meegan, DPT, L, ATC

Healthcare Provider
Physical Therapist
Healy Physical Therapy Center
2295 Diamond Hill Road
Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States

Trish Meegan practices Physical Therapy at Healy Physical Therapy in Cumberland, Rhode Island. She specializes in manual therapy, and has experience treating Ehlers-Danlos patients since 2011 (with a focus in EDS since 2013). Trish is the PT Clinical Education Staff Mentor as well as a clinical instructor for graduate students. In addition, Trish provides inpatient rehabilitation at Southern New England Rehabilitation Center at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital. She also teaches as an adjunct instructor at New England Institute of Technology in the Physical Therapy Assistant Program. Trish received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy and undergraduate/graduate degrees in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine from Quinnipiac University.

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