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patient support professionals

Jeannie Di Bon, MA, PMA-CPT

Patient Support Professional
Pilates and Rehabilitation Teacher, Author, Founder
Create Pilates Limited
1 Lambton Rd
Wimbledon, United Kingdom

Jeannie Di Bon is a Pilates and rehabilitation teacher, author of the book Pilates Without Tears and founder of the London-based studio Create Pilates. She has been teaching Pilates since 2008 and has trained with internationally renowned organisations Polestar Pilates and Body Control Pilates and she is a certified member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

Jeannie’s specialism is in rehabilitation from injury or illness, back-care, chronic pain management, hypermobility syndrome, EDS and sports performance.  Being hypermobile herself, she was drawn to the field and now has a large client base with hypermobilty and EDS. Through working on her own body and with her clients, she has devised a structured Pilates-based programme called “Strengthen Your Hypermobile Core.”

She works closely with medical professionals and trains tennis players, skiers  and runners. Her deep expertise often makes her the preferred choice for top physiotherapists and consultants. She is a firm believer in examining many schools of thought and aspects of movement. Her passion is to reconnect people with their bodies. Her Integral Movement Method (IMM) is a unique approach to exercise and movement designed to eliminate the stresses of daily life.

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