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Christina Doherty

Community Leader
United States

Christina is a 21 year old girl living with EDS and its associated conditions, who loves to paint and draw when her body allows. She hopes to return to education and work in the medical field. She spends a lot of time painting, making YouTube videos and reaching out to other patients online; she says, “advocacy, support, and awareness are three things that are very close to my heart”.

Christina was a competitive gymnast as a child, and always knew that she was flexible; as she was surrounded by very flexible people and sporting injuries, she never thought she was hypermobile. It was not until she was 11 years old that she started to show the real symptoms of EDS. At age 16, she was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, subsequently corrected with a surgery. After noticing alarming symptoms and research through internet, she convinced her parents to get her genetics tested and she was finally diagnosed with EDS and POTS. Since her diagnosis, she has under gone 9 brain and spinal surgeries to hold her spine together and relies on countless medications to function properly, nebulizers, treatments and home IV saline infusions.

Christina documents her journey with chronic illness on her YouTube channel. She also documents her experiences on Instagram.

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