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patient support professionals

Carol Boggs, M.AmSAT

Patient Support Professional
Alexander Technique Teacher
8701 Georgia Avenue
Suite 406
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

Carol Boggs is an Alexander Technique teacher and Massage Therapist. Carol has been teaching the Alexander Technique in private practice since 1980. She has joined faculties for AT residential courses in the USA, Japan, and the Caribbean, and has offered AT classes for both the Vocal Studies and Dance Departments at George Mason University. Most recently, she has encountered students who are experiencing degrees of joint hypermobility. This has created the opportunity to learn about this condition and to modify AT hands-on procedures to better meet the needs of these students.

She has developed AT teaching materials for demonstrating principles of tensegrity as they apply to understanding support in the body. She is a professional member of ABMP and ISMETA and is a certified teaching member of AmSAT. She served on the AmSAT Board of Directors 2012-2014 and was Board Chair 2013-2014.

In 2012, Carol completed training and was certified as a 3-D Workout, Level 1 Instructor, by founder Dianne Woodruff. She completed Level II training and certification in 2014. In addition to her Alexander Technique teaching practice, Carol is also a practicing massage therapist with an emphasis on restoring tissue resilience, tension relief, and deep relaxation.