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Finding H.O.P.E.: A Military Family’s Journey

AudreeAna was not growing at the same rate as her siblings or the average rate of children her age; she was still the size of a newborn by her four-month checkup,” said Matt. “At seven months old, she was just starting to be able to sit up in a walker, so we knew there had to be something more than just epilepsy going on.

After working with geneticists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists and nutritionists, at less than a year old, AudreeAna was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that causes seizures, easy bruising, hypermobility and weakness of tissue throughout the body. No two cases of EDS are exactly alike, ranging from constant mild joint pain to costochondritis, an inflammation of the rib cartilage that mimics a heart attack, or even death.