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Fort Wayne Ehlers Danlos Syndrome/ And Or Chiari Malformation Connect

A place for locals or nearby to connect and share info, and to just be there and help each other! We also have other groups that we share info from or just members of the group share information that could be valid to what we may be dealing with! What I have found through out my illness is that it is lonely!!!! No one understands! I don’t want to be alone in my thoughts about this disease! If you are dealing with this, know you are a rockstar! If you are a mother of a child who is dealing with any of these illnesses you are a hero! If you are a mother that has an illness and a child or children that have aquired it or any other illnesses.. You have struggles and we are here and you’re a friggen hero & a rockstar! We try to have some fun in the group yet be supportive of the everyday challenges that we all may be dealing with! Be kind, be respectful, and know that we are all here for the same reason. Much love to all!

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