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Ehlers Danlos – We Zebras Need Zebras!

We as Zebras need to stick together and be here for one another as there are no other species like us and only we can truly understand each other. Here at Ehlers Danlos – We Zebras Need Zebras admin will not tear you down nor sensor you. We will not tell you what you can and cannot post unless you are being blatantly mean and in that case you will promptly booted out the cool stripes club! NO MEAN ANGRY HERE ZEBRAS PLEASE!!

Please join us if you know EDS and our ways of life, lets be here for one another and make our own family! You can’t choose your blood but you can choose who you decide to keep in your life or not… Some of us zebras don’t have much of a family or support for that matter.. Lets be that family for one another!!

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