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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Friends of South Carolina

My daughter was diagnosed with EDS in 2012. As her mother, I felt lost and was looking for a support group. There was not a group for South Carolina, so I created this fb group. I also have a Ehlers Danlos Syndrome of South Carolina fb page. Feel free to join either or both. The page is public, this group is set to closed. Comments on this group are private and only group members will see them.

This is meant to be a casual group. I want you to be able to make connections, make friends, chat and support each other and our families who have EDS in SC. I also want you to be able to connect from the comfort of your home.

I will post online seminars so that you can learn and listen at your convenience. ANY meetings we have will be causal as well and are meant to be a social and share time. We are divided into 3 meeting groups. Upstate, Coastal and Central SC. If you want to volunteer to organize a gathering, we can create an event to let everyone know the date, time and place. You are welcome to attend any social gathering even if you live in a different area than where the meeting is.

If you know someone who would like to be a speaker at a gathering, please let me know and we can set schedule a meeting. At this time we do not have a Non-Profit status set up. So funding for speakers is not an option.

I hope you will find this beneficial. If you have anything you’d like to share or ask please feel free to do so.

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