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Ehlers Danlos with Comorbidities Mental Health Safe Space (Confidential)

This is a Safe Space for people with Ehlers Danlos and/or its comordities that deal with mental illness whether diagnosed or not, as well as other mental health struggles that are not an illness so long as you respect that mental illness and disabilities take first priority here! We use a TW (trigger warning) system and enforce confidentiality to accomodate and best maintain the safety of our members. We are a safe space for the full range of severity in mental health – not just focused on depression and anxiety. For example, Bipolar, PTSD, BPD, dissociative episodes and disorders, paranoid and hallucinatory episodes and disorders, OCD, schizophrenia and schizotypal diagnoses, psychotic episodes, snd more are all supported and to be treated with utmost respect and empathy here. We provide resources to get through life and teach each other coping mechanisms along the way. We are also here to advocate for you. This space was created and needed due to the somewhat narrow views and ignorance towards the mental health of EDS and or comorbidly diagnosed people both in the medical field and our community at times. We often have unique situations in mental health and complex needs and that is okay. We are a space that believes in and supports the neurodivergency movement and is set to serve as a safe space for LGBTQIA+ transgender, intersex, and queer identifying individuals. Please respect the privacy of your peers if you notice they are in this group. It DOES NOT imply they have a mental illness. Keep that in mind.

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