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Surviving Ehlers Danlos One Page at a Time

As a child i was about as clumsy as they came and ‘double jointed’. I also suffered from strange but intense pains that would send me screaming to the ER, only for them to be called ‘growing pains’ and to be sent home still in pain. As I got older they only got worse and my parents began to believe that I was a bit of a hypochondriac. Around the age of 15 I started to have intense pains in my right knee along with swelling. The pain was worse than the swelling would indicate and my stepfather began to tell me i was just completely faking it, something that still affects me to this day. Then it began to spread, first to my left knee, then to my hip. I also somehow lost a lot of the hearing in my right ear without any great explanation from doctors. I then pretty much gave up on the medical field and began to just learn to cope with the flare ups the best that i could, although other parts of my body were beginning to be affected.

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