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The SmartCrutch design was debut at the 2017 Global Learning Conference and is a great alternative to traditional underarm and forearm crutches. SmartCrutch provides increased mobility with adjustable and lightweight design that takes pressure off of your joints to reduce and eliminate rather dislocations.

Why smartcrutch can be a good choice for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?

  • The smartcrutch design helps you to maintain proper posture and gait reducing the risk of incorrect repetitive movement patterns.
  • Transfer of the weight to the forearm reduces the pressure on the wrists and hands up to six times. This will eliminate common injuries and complications found with the use of standard issue underarm or forearm crutches.
  • 15-90 degree settings to give you choices on pain flare days with the twist of a dial. Use your same crutch as a cane, a comfortable forearm crutch, and as a platform crutch, all in same day.
  • Comfort is the number one concern for smartcrutch. High-density memory foam is used as padding in the cuff to odd cushioning. Molded rubber handles give a comfortable grip. Shock absorption is built into the ferrules and into the cuffs high-density memory foam.
  • Ergonomically designed with right and left handle grips, provide a natural wrist angle and even load across the palm. Molded rubber hands add comfort and stability.