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Help Ty Fight Ehlers Danlos & More

My life once very active, has now been changed forever due to the disorder of Ehlers Danlos, a ligament disorder where all of my ligaments function as if they were stretched out rubber bands.  My name is Tyler Simons and I am 28 yrs old, spending most of my days in a recliner due to the severe pain which is caused by EDS and the inability to enjoy movement of my body in the smallest of daily tasks.  I was diagnosed at 11 yrs old when I was constantly spraining or breaking ankles and engaging in other injuries due to the hyper joint sublexing.  While it was amusing as a young guy to twist my body into all kinds of positions, as an adult, I now can enjoy little activity and even forget what it is like to live with no or little pain.  My excellent team of doctors at the Hershey Medical Center have been working together to see the completion of an electric wheelchair, which would be specific to the needs of my body.  I am so excited as while I was being fitted for a chair, I had little pain while sitting in a similar one which will be manufactured for my body specifications.  I am blessed that my insurance will cover 100% cost of the wheelchair.

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