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Girl Mad As Birds In Margate: Ceramics and Ehlers Danlos

My name is Helen, and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes my joints to subluxate and dislocate. As a result of how difficult my condition became, I began working with clay as I couldn’t return to my previous job. That was roughly two years ago, and it’s been pleasantly surprising realising how much people like my work. I’ve now been part of three Open Exhibitions, and have my own studio in Pie Factory Studios, Margate. I feel very lucky that I have found something that I can work on regardless of how my disability affects me and I would like to document this journey and hopefully give something back to the Ehlers Danlos community and to all who have helped me over the past two years.

I’m doing this via Kickstarter as I’m really hoping to make this a community experience. All donations will include an invitation to the opening night of the exhibition, and all Rewards have been thought out so as to include people in the exhibition in a very real and present way.

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