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Hello SuzanneL!

Having EDS comes with a lot of paper whether it be medical records, insurance explanations of benefits, or scientific literature. oneEDSvoice doesn’t want to add to your EDS paper collection. In addition to being your EDS Google, oneEDSvoice can also be your personal EDS filing cabinet!

Check out myBinder which privately stores all of the useful oneEDSvoice resources (doctors, articles, posts, you name it!) you’d like to keep ahold of for later review. Not only does myBinder sort the resources according to category but, you can also choose which myBinder resources you want to share with a doctor, caregiver, or advocate. Just click the “+myBinder” button to add the desired resource to your binder.

Organizers rejoice!

the oneEDSvoice team

rareLife solutions 53 Water Street,
2nd floor, South Norwalk, CT 06854
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